Hi guys, this is the NDA TEAM.

Our main expertise is in iGaming and other digital verticals.

We help companies to create and keep cool teams.

Before the agency opened, we worked in casinos, lotteries and betting companies, including those with an official license.

Our experience is not limited to the gambling vertical: there were Skolkovo IT-companies, digital agencies, movie business and consulting - in general, fast-growing businesses with strong marketing.

Recruiting is our everything, but it doesn't stop there. We also successfully implement onboarding and offboarding, build internal communications, and help structure and optimize the hiring process.

This experience helps us to quickly get into the specifics of clients and find people "of the same blood", with whom the team and business will be comfortable and productive.

In general, any companies with salespeople, Email/CRM marketers, graphic and motion designers and even B2B sales or BDM are loved and close! Well, and what project without good developers or even a CTO.

Email which jobs you urgently need to close - we'll discuss all the details at Kinza live!