A little about our approach to work: the inner workings of the NDA TEAM

With this article we open a series of notes about our approach to work and the internal kitchen.

The theater begins with a hanger, and the candidate's journey begins with reading the job description. A few secrets on how to make it as convertible as possible.

Language and speech patterns of the customer.
Over the years we have seen that target candidates come to target descriptions written in a language they are familiar with and understand. Standard jobs without any specifics are avoided. What do we do? First we write the client's request and the presentation of the company to the candidates word for word, and after meeting the candidates we rewrite them with the words that are used by the client and the candidates. And each time the results get better and better.

We should not forget that the candidates on the job boards are not abstract units, but living people When choosing a new job they compare vacancies, collect and check the information about employers and look for the best offers. And the best is also the most understandable, honestly and specifically describes all the advantages and disadvantages.

And the icing on the cake - the job should be easy to read, after all, we write for real people :) The structure facilitates the perception of the text, increases readability.

And here is an example of our current vacancy "Team Lead FB Mediabying", where we use all the principles that we told in the previous stories!

If you feel a job is giving you a bad envelope - send your jobs to TG for parsing We'll look under their hood and pump them up, like Xzibit in "Pump Up the Wheelbarrow")

Interested? Then read the following articles - we'll write there about our other approaches to work!
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