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Helping companies build and retain cool teams.

HR team

QA Cartel and we decided to launch a new product - a service for automated testing of gambling and betting products.
Monitoring the status of geo-dependent products
Hey guys!
This is the NDA TEAM
It's a good time to get to know each other
Helping companies build and retain cool teams.

HR team

A little about our approach to work: the inner workings of the NDA TEAM
With this article we open a series of notes about our approach to work and the inner kitchen.
Helping companies build and retain cool teams.

HR team

Why us?

We speak the same language with the customer

We ourselves have worked for a long time inhouse in digital projects and understand in practice the industry problems and difficulties faced by executives. So knowledge of business tasks (not just hr), metrics, software and company structures is not an empty word for us.


As the saying goes, "One drop of a lie spoils an ocean of trust. If a client's field, vacancy, or business style is "not ours," we will tell you about it in advance and not waste your time.

Individual approach

We don't have the same jobs and customers. We create a relationship with everyone and offer a format that is right for you. This applies to both the size and format of the pay, as well as the approach to finding employees. We also have a lot of experience with complex and non-typical projects, where the requirements are not initially clear and can change in the course of implementation.
We do not have "millions of resumes" in databases, but we are friends with our candidates and customers, and we know how to maintain contact over the long term. That's why we have a team of unique experts, immersed in all the intricacies of digital businesses

Don't have 100 rubles

We know how to sell jobs

When there are fewer talented and experienced professionals than there are open positions, it is important to be able to convey the benefits of working for specific companies and the scale of the tasks, as well as to immerse yourself in the specifics of the clients' business. This is what gives the necessary trust to the target candidate to accept exactly our offer.
Game providers
Gambling products
Platforms for white label solutions
Bookmaking companies
Partner programs
Industry events
Arbitration teams
Sports media
Dating services
Payment systems
Digital agencies
Sports organizations
Anti-fraud solutions
IT companies

We are a team of HR specialists and in many verticals we are already successfully finding employees, but there are also those that we haven't worked with yet, But we're eager to get started.

Consumables for arbitrage
Orange - verticals in which we successfully found employees
Purple is a vertical that we ve not worked with yet, but really want to start

Our main expertise is the selection of specialists

In various verticals and directions - from Igaming products under Curasao license to payment systems and Performance agencies.

We are interested in finding strong specialists

We don't need to explain that arbitration...

It's not something about the court, how PWAs differ from webview prl and where to find the best ASOs.

In general, any projects!

Especially where there are sellers, E-mail/CRM marketers, graphic and motion designers and even B2B sales or BDM are loved and close! Well, and what project without good developers or even a CTO)

bonus on your first order!

Help us to clear the score in new verticals for us - and we owe you a welcome

Dream team

Mr N
More than 10 years of experience in recruitment. He has a thorough understanding of HR funnels and metrics. Doesn't stop at recruiting, and implements business processes that work.
On a first-name basis with the arbitration teams. Opens LinkedIn with a foot in the door and feels at home there. For any kind of movement - not even difficult jobs and tight deadlines scare him.
Ms D
Able to grow businesses from a small team of like-minded individuals to industry leaders. Partner and business expert for CEOs and business owners.
Mr A
She is able to complete any task and work with the most complex customers whose tastes are very specific. Involved, executive and responsible - ready to search day and night for the best candidates. While you sleep, they work!

We also have an HR team


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