Privacy Policy

Policy on Processing of Personal Data
General Provisions
This Personal Data Processing Policy is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006. № 152-FZ "On Personal Data" (hereinafter - the Law on Personal Data) and determines the order of processing of personal data and measures to ensure the security of personal data, undertaken by Mikhailov Ivan Sergeevich (hereinafter - the operator).
1.1 The Operator's most important goal and condition of its activities is to observe human and citizen's rights and freedoms when processing their personal data, including protection of the rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.
1.2 The present Policy of the Operator regarding the processing of personal data (hereinafter - the Policy) applies to all information which the Operator can obtain about the visitors of the website
2 Basic concepts used in the Policy
2.1 Automated processing of personal data - processing of personal data by means of computer technology.
2.2 Blocking of personal data - is temporary termination of processing of personal data (except when the processing is necessary to clarify personal data).
2.3 Website means a set of graphic and informational materials, as well as computer programs and databases, ensuring their availability on the Internet at the network address
2.4 Personal Data Information System - a set of personal data contained in databases of personal data and information technologies and technical means ensuring their processing.
2.5 De-identification of personal data - actions, as a result of which it is impossible to determine, without using additional information, what personal data belongs to a particular User or other subject of personal data.
2.6 Processing of personal data - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed with or without the use of automation means with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.
2.7 Operator - a state body, municipal authority, legal entity or individual, independently or jointly with other persons, arranging and/or carrying out processing of personal data, as well as determining the purpose of processing of personal data, composition of personal data subject to processing, actions (operations) performed with personal data.
2.8 Personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to a particular or defined User of the website
2.9 Personal data, authorized by the subject of personal data for dissemination - personal data, which is delivered to the User of the website.
5. Принципы обработки персональных данных
5.1. Обработка персональных данных осуществляется на законной и справедливой основе.
5.2. Обработка персональных данных ограничивается достижением конкретных, заранее определенных и законных целей. Не допускается обработка персональных данных, несовместимая с целями сбора персональных данных.
5.3. Не допускается объединение баз данных, содержащих персональные данные, обработка которых осуществляется в целях, несовместимых между собой.
5.4. Обработке подлежат только персональные данные, которые отвечают целям их обработки.
5.5. Содержание и объем обрабатываемых персональных данных соответствуют заявленным целям обработки. Не допускается избыточность обрабатываемых персональных данных по отношению к заявленным целям их обработки.
5.6. При обработке персональных данных обеспечивается точность персональных данных, их достаточность, а в необходимых случаях и актуальность по отношению к целям обработки персональных данных. Оператор принимает необходимые меры и/или обеспечивает их принятие по удалению или уточнению неполных или неточных данных.
5.7. Хранение персональных данных осуществляется в форме, позволяющей определить субъекта персональных данных, не дольше, чем этого требуют цели обработки персональных данных, если срок хранения персональных данных не установлен федеральным законом, договором, стороной которого, выгодоприобретателем или поручителем по которому является субъект персональных данных. Обрабатываемые персональные данные уничтожаются либо обезличиваются по достижении целей обработки или в случае утраты необходимости в достижении этих целей, если иное не предусмотрено федеральным законом.
6. Purposes of personal data processing
Purpose of Processing Informing User by Sending E-mailsPersonal Data
Legal GroundsThe Federal Law "About Information, Information Technologies and Information Security" dated 27.07.2006 N 149-FZ
Types of processing of personal dataCollection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, destruction and anonymization of personal data.
Sending informational letters to the e-mail address
7. Terms of processing of personal data
7.1 Processing of personal data is carried out with the consent of the subject of personal data to the processing of their personal data.
7.2 Processing of personal data is necessary for achievement of the objectives envisaged by the international treaty of the Russian Federation or the law, for implementation of the functions, powers and duties imposed on the operator by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.3 Processing of personal data is necessary for administration of justice, execution of a judicial act, act of another body or official to be executed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on enforcement proceedings.
7.4 Processing of personal data shall be necessary for execution of an agreement, a party to which or a beneficiary or guarantor under which the personal data subject is a party, as well as for conclusion of an agreement on the initiative of the personal data subject or an agreement, under which the personal data subject will be a beneficiary or guarantor.
7.5 Processing of personal data is necessary to exercise the rights and legitimate interests of the operator or third parties or to achieve socially important goals, provided that this does not violate the rights and freedoms of the subject of personal data.
7.6 Personal data shall be processed if access to such data is granted to an unlimited number of persons by or at the request of the personal data subject (hereinafter, "publicly available personal data").
7.7 Processing of personal data subject to publication or compulsory disclosure in accordance with the federal law.
8. Procedure for collection, storage, transfer and other processing of personal data
Security of personal data processed by the Operator is ensured by implementing legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to comply fully with the requirements of applicable laws in the field of personal data protection.
8.1 The operator provides safety of personal data and takes all possible measures, excluding access to personal data by unauthorized persons.
8.2 The personal data of the User shall never, under no circumstances be transferred to third parties, except in cases related to the execution of the current legislation or if the subject of personal data has given consent to the Operator to transfer data to a third party to fulfill obligations under a civil law contract.
8.3 In case of detection of inaccurate